We are in the midst of wedding season folks!

As a bride to be there is so much to do and organise before the big day, so it’s easy to forget about your wedding skincare prep. You’ve got the perfect dress, fittings all done, hair and makeup trials done and look decided upon, but have you thought about your skin and how you’ll be looking after it on the run up to the big day? It is important to plan this part in too, not only does it give you a bit of ‘you’ time, away from the stress, but also combats the signs of stress on your skin.

6 Months Before

The key to having radiant skin is prep!

Not a week or so before either! If you have suffered from any skin concerns such as breakout then it’s best to start planning in facials 6 months before the big day.

A good tip to keep on top of your skincare is to find a good facialist, discuss your concerns and time frame. Pre-planning your facials in means not only do you get times that suit you but once you’ve made that commitment you tend to stick to it.

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and you want it to look your best before the big day.

Your at home skincare routine also needs reviewed at this stage. What is your current routine? Switching up what you do, adding in regular face masks, introducing new products all help to make a big difference to the appearance of your skin.

1 Month Before

With only a month to go now is a good time to book in your final makeup trial. This lets you see how your make up sits on your skin after your new skincare routine of the last few months.

Take this time to talk to your facialist, discuss any last minute concerns you have, even send them a picture to show what you mean. They can then look at this on your final visit in a few weeks time.

2 Weeks Before

Final facial before the big day! If you’ve been discussing your last minute concerns with your facialist this will be the last chance to work on them. Also consider adding in a hydrating/plumping element into this last facial, this will help your skin to look plump and radiant on the day. It’ll help to give you the extra confidence boost you need.

The Night Before

The night before the big day you don’t want to be doing anything strenuous to your skin. Make sure you sleep in a nourishing or brightening mask to give yourself a glow when you wake up. This has to be something you’ve trialled before, you don’t want to be having any reactions at the last minute.


Remember planning a wedding is stressful. Stress can show on your complexion, so make sure your skincare isn’t an afterthought.

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