CACI Cellulite/Bum Lift

electro_cellulite_massager   CACI%20Anti%20Cellulite%20Result

The Electro Cellulite Massager (ECM) combines the therapeutic benefits of massage, with the effectiveness of micro current therapy.

The ECM utilises 24 conductive rollers electrically charged with micro current which helps break down fatty deposits,

Tones muscle and reduce inches.

Cost £40.00 per treatment


CACI Back Attack





De -stress your muscles and cleanse the skin with this relaxing back treatment.

Microdermabrasion gets rid of the dead skin build up, then we move onto a purifying mask to heal and hydrate this hard to reach area. A deep cleansing scrub gets rid of all the dead skin cells.

A back massage completes this treatment.

Cost £40.00 per treatment.


CACI Breast Lift





The CACI Breast Lift works on toning the breast muscle by electrical stimulation, much like the method used during the facial toning. The effect of this it to ‘lift’ the breast, the treatment also works on lymphatic drainage.

To obtain maximum results a course of 8 weekly treatments is recommended.

Cost £40.00 per treatment.

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