Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash Original 200ml

For those that know me, or have read previous posts on the blog, know that I love the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for my makeup removal. So when I spotted this in Superdrug last month I had to try it out. Currently £3.99 for 200ml.

I am not the biggest fan of foaming cleansers generally, as I find them to be quite drying. Thankfully this wasn’t the case with this one. I love my double cleanse routine at night, but find that obviously the water version doesn’t allow me the same amount of facial massage to that of oils or balms. With the gel wash I could obviously massage the product into my makeup, enabling me to work loose a lot of makeup and dirt before removing it all with a wet face cloth.

If you are on a budget, or simply not wanting to have too many products on the go at one time this gel can double up nicely as your second cleanse too. I found after a few double cleanse trials that my skin wasn’t too dry after, but I did appreciate my hydrating products I used following my cleansing routine.

For me this is an ideal makeup remover and also a morning cleanser.

Would I repurchase this? I already have, it’s in my case ready for my holidays soon.

Will this take the place of the Micellar Water? No. I’ll still keep the water in my cabinet for nights that I’m too tired, or aka had too much to drink. I’ll use the water instead of face wipes to remove my makeup.


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