So the summer is here……..well not that you would know it this week. But it does mean one thing, it’s holiday season!!

Holiday season means holiday skincare, and the best tips for caring for your skin when you’re away.


Before You Go


There are a few things you should do/consider before heading off to sunnier climes.

  • Look at packing multipurpose products. Cleansers that can be used for double cleansing. Moisturisers that can be used day and night. This will help save you space if you are only traveling with hand luggage. Obviously all liquids need to be 100mls and under, so multipurpose products give you more room for specialist products like serums and oils.


  • Decant those specialist products. Instead of taking full sized expensive serums and oils, in glass bottles, decant them. Just remember to label each bottle!


  • Plan a pre holiday facial, or at least exfoliate before your journey. Travelling by plane will dehydrate your skin, by having a pre holiday facial or exfoliation you are clearing away excess oil from your sebaceous glands, reducing the chances of developing spots throughout your journey.


  • Apply a rich moisturiser both the night before and the morning of the journey to help keep your skin hydrated.


  • Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine both before and during the flight. Both of these dehydrate the skin normally, combined with flying doubles the effect.


  • Try to go foundation free during the flight. Instead use a light moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated throughout the flight. If that’s not possible, opt for a tinted moisturiser that will help to keep the skin hydrated.


  • Drink plenty of water during the flight.



Whilst On Holiday


  • Exfoliate. Use a gentle exfoliator for the face, once or twice a week whilst away. When cleansing the face each day use a rougher cloth, not a muslin one. This will help to exfoliate the face without being too harsh. Hotter climates prompt our sebaceous glands to produce more oil in order to help us cool down, this oil can clump together and block the pores, creating spots. Using a gentle exfoliator or shower mitts on the body can also help reduce the chance of developing prickly heat.


  • Avoid using thick lotions, this applies to every lotion you use. A light moisturiser for day and night is best, reducing the risk of clogging your pores. Suncreams should also be a light lotion, with a high SPF. The less budget brands of suncream are always more of a lotion consistency compared to cheap brands. Ideally using a tinted moisturiser or an oil free foundation for makeup is kinder to the skin, rather than full coverage foundation, that can block your pores and dry out the skin.


  • On the subject of SPF, using a high factor will not stop you getting burnt if you do not reapply frequently, nor will it stop you develop a tan. Your SPF that you use on your face should be a separate one to what you use on your body. Many brands now do suncreams dedicated to the face, usually a high factor to provide a good level of protection.


  • Always wear a hat! Not only does it protect your face from the damaging rays but it also protects the top of your head. Leaving your head exposed is a quick way to get sunstroke if you are out too long in the direct sun.


  • Drink plenty of water. Keep you and your skin hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water.


  • Stay out of the midday heat. The best time for a siesta is during 12-4pm, have a long lunch, some wine and water and then a siesta. Keeping out of the sun during this time saves you from the harshest rays, the probability of getting burnt and gives your body a break from the heat. Also who doesn’t love having a nap throughout the day??



Once You Come Home


  • Continue to keep moisturising your skin post holiday. Twice daily for face and body will help nourish the skin, balance moisture levels and also prolong your tan.


  • Reduce the amount of exfoliating you do, use gentle cleansers. If you managed to get burnt during your holiday this skin will be sensitive and require some tlc.


So there you have it, my tips on how to care for your skin whilst your on holiday. What products do you love to take away with you? I’ll be looking to do a blog/vlog on what I take when I go my holiday later, so any product recommendations would be great.

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