Body Sculpt Lighter Legs

Only available in Laurencekirk


Body Sculpt Lighter Legs is a new generation of products designed to reduce swelling sensation – “anti-water effect”.

Clinical Results from a treatment course :

  • Up to -3.1cm reduction in one single session,
  • 90% silhouette reduction*,
  • 85% less heavy legs sensation*,
  • 85% more toned skin*.

*Self assessment from volunteers.

Like Skeyndor facials the body treatments also work with active ingredients to obtain maximum results from each session. The actives involved with the Body Sculpt Lighter Legs are:

  • Pink Pepper –vasoactivator – activates microcirculation,
  • Blue Lotus – vasoprotector – protects microcirculation,
  • Red Algae – vasomotor – anti-water effect,
  • Hardangerjokulen Glacier Water (Norway) – formed over 10,000 years ago, reinforces freshness perception and prevents heaviness and swelling sensation.

A course of four 50 minute sessions are recommended. One or two sessions during three or four consecutive weeks.

Cost from £50.00 per treatment.

Body Sculpt Destock

Only available in Laurencekirk


Body Sculpt Destock is a new generation of anti-cellulite products. They contain more potent formulas, targeted to different types and formates of cellulite, and mode of application.

Formulas designed for the more demanding consumer who wants immediate results. They contain active substances that “burn fat” and reduce the bloated feeling, with and “anti-water effect”.

Clinical results from a treatment course :

  • A reduction of up to -1.5cm in just 15 days,
  • 90% reduction in cellulite,
  • 82% reduction in volume
  • 90% improvement in orange-peel skin.

A course of six 75 minute sessions are recommended. one weekly session for at least six consecutive weeks,

Cost from £55.00 per treatment.


Only available in Laurencekirk 

Beautiful legs

Mesoslim fights against stubborn fatty areas, remodels the figure and reduces cellulite and oedema. Ideal for all skin types with cellulite and liquid retention, and also flaccid skins.

Mesoslim cotains a selection of active ingredients with the renowned efficacy with the necessary size, polarity and affinity to optimise their performance.

Enriched with substances of low molecular weight, increases the opening size and times of the channels created with the virtual mesotherapy techniques, by multiplying the effective cellular absorption of the active ingredients.

A course of four to eight 1 hour treatments are recommended. One or two sessions in a four to eight week consecutive basis.

Cost £50.00 per treatment.

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