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Now you can regenerate skin cells and deliver longer lasting results with cutting edge technology.

Virtual Mesotherapy – MesoscienceTM by Skeyndor breaks through the resistant barriers in the skin and transports the active ingredients to unlocked cells.

Virtual Mesotherapy regenerates the cells which provides longer lasting results, delivering outstanding results from the first treatment.

Virtual Mesotherapy includes:

  • Iontophoresis – activating current – a preparatory phase that stimulates the skin metabolism.
  • Hydroelectrophoresis – the initial stage during which the ionisable active ingredients penetrate into the epidermis.
  • Electroporation – which favours the penetration of active ingredients through the cells by means of the aqueous channels in the cell membrane.
  • Cryophoresis – the final stage of stimulation to tone and firm the skin.



Derma Peel Pro



Derma Peel is a professional treatment for exclusive use in beauty salons, which require an exfoliation treatment that is comparable to those offered by dermal-aesthetic centre.

Derma Peel is designed to renovate the appearance of the face and achieve a softer, more even, and radiant skin. It is indicated for treating fine expression lines, scars and acne marks.

This treatment is non-invasive, gentle, and has no downtime or redness. An initial course of eight weekly treatments is advised.

Cost from £45.00 per treatment


Mesoscience Wrinkle Filler Facial



A mesocosmetic treatment, specifically formulated to soften wrinkles and expression lines, and increase the firmness of the face, neck and neckline. Its active ingredients restore cell communication and stimulate neosynthesis of the elements that form the skin’s structural matrix: collagen, elastine and hyaluronic acid.

This treatment is ideal for skin that has been aged by the sun, and for older skins.

Cost from £60.00 per treatment




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Corrective is an anti-wrinkle treatment inspired in the world’s most prestigious non-invasive medical-aesthetics treatments.

After three years research, more than 25 tested substances and studies on about 200 combination, the Skeyndor Laboratories have created Corrective, the cosmetic treatment for women, which removes wrinkles, even the deepest ones, and rejuvenates the facial expression, restoring the skin’s firm, youthful appearance.

It is scientifically formulated for treating the deepest wrinkles and expression lines, both quickly and effectively. It combines up to nine active ingredients with proven efficiency, including internal tissue redensifiers, skin fill-in substances, neuro-inhibitor agents and state-of-art skin-lifting peptides with pre- and post-synaptic activity.

Corrective is an exceptionally effective treatment that is attractive both because of its results and its exclusive, sophisticated textures.

Clinical results from a test of women between 40 and 55 years old, under dermatological and ophthalmological control are :

  • Ant-wrinkle efficiency noted in 90%,
  • Reduction of between 33% and 52% in the total surface area of wrinkles,
  • Reduction of between 31% and 45% in the number of wrinkles;
  • Reduction of bewteen 29% and 49% in the total length of the wrinkles,
  • Reduction of between 28% and 43% in the deep wrinkles.

A course of eight weekly treatments is advised.

Cost from £65.00 per treatment


HA Eye Contour and Eyelashes



The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and the softest on the face, since it is always exposed to external elements such as sunlight, cold, wind, smoke and pollution.

The eye contour is one of the first areas where skin ageing is most visible.

Recommended for anyone over 25 who are concerned about the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

A course of eight weekly treatments is advised.

Cost from £35.00

Special Offer – combine HA Eye Contour and Eyelash with the CACI Eye Lift and pay £45 instead of £65.


Global Lift


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The first global face lift range to restore the youthful facial contours

An exclusive technology developed by SKEYNDOR® that is based on anti-senescence marker therapies, these reverse aging in old cells and delay aging in young ones. GLOBAL LIFT [ProGEN-in] is a global anti-age strategy designed to achieve a facial redefining effect, which restores the fullness of the jaw line and attenuates submental fat in mature skin.

It is targeted at Progerin, a cell aging marker which makes it possible to estimate the biological age of the cells. The ultimate objective is to improve the functioning of cells with a slow metabolism, which results in a loss of thickness, firmness and resilience in the tissues, found in mature and/or photo-aged skin.


Cost from £65 per treatment


Please note that if you are unsure which facial would suit you, we offer a free consultation to see which facial would give you the desired results

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